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Everett Piper Christian Blog and Commentary

Big Brother and Broccoli

So lets say that we have proof that eating broccoli could kill you and that by sharing it with other people you expose your friends and neighbors to multiple debilitating diseases many of which could likewise lead to their imminent death.


Then let's say that we have study after study showing that the off spring of those who eat broccoli are disadvantaged in numerous ways socially, emotionally, economically, and physically. 


Let's say we discover that if people would just stop eating broccoli we could save trillions of dollars in medical costs and social services worldwide. 


Then let's say that some of our brightest stars in Washington DC - the enlightened elites among us - come up with a brilliant idea: Rather than telling people to stop eating broccoli let's celebrate it. Let's make heroes of those who promote it.  Let's tell the world that eating broccoli is not a personal choice but a human right. Let's start educating our children about the "joy" of eating broccoli. Let's even start teaching our kids on how to eat it "safely." 


Then let's say that when someone speaks up and says, "Wait - If everyone would just abstain from broccoli there would be zero risk of BTDs (broccoli transmitted diseases). If we really love people shouldn't we just tell them not to eat this stuff?"-- Let's say that when someone says this -- our politicians, pastors and pedagogues tell us that such dissent is buffoonery! It's hate-speech! It's intolerant and can't be tolerated!!


Then let's say I told you that you're not reading Orwell's 1984 or Huxley's Brave New World. You can't just set the book down. You can't just wake up from the nightmare because it's not a dream - It's real. 


What would you say?