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Debates on First and Second Amendments

Why are conservatives and Christians more up in arms (pun intended) over the compromise of the Second Amendment than they are over the compromise of the First?


We seem to be ready to go to war at the loss of our right to own a gun but yet we sit back quietly at the loss of our right to worship our God as we see fit.


Restrict high capacity magazines and clips and we say “over my dead body.”  Restrict the Body of Christ and we say little to nothing.


Attack Guns on the floor of congress and all hell breaks loose.  Attack God on the floor of the Dem National Convention and we elect the party that does it. 


Can we not see that without God, government always steps in to fill the vacuum and where there is more government there is always less freedom?  


Without God we will not have the freedom to own our guns. 


Here is a link for more: http://media.1170kfaq.com/audio/PIPER011813.mp3

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