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Everett Piper Christian Blog and Commentary

Minority Rules


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If the Democratic senators in Wisconsin really believe in the “the voice of the people,” then why won’t they honor the majority of the people who just voted?


The answer could be that many of the legislators in Madison who have fled the state actually believe in “mob-ocracy” more than they do “democracy.”


This shouldn’t surprise us. In fact, the Cloward–Piven model and that of Saul Alinsky (models embraced by Barak Obama as a professor at the University of Chicago) calls for exactly what we are now seeing on the nightly news.


These “community organization” models tell us that the most effective way to bring about “change”—“change we can hope for” and “change we can believe in”—is to do two simple things. First, overload the economy with too much spending, and second, organize a mob uprising in the midst of the economic crisis that follows. What’s important isn’t honoring the majority but rather empowering the elite who skillfully use the mob to silence the will of the majority.  


So we shouldn’t be surprised at what we are now seeing. Our President told us he believed in this kind of change. He told us in his own books and in his own résumé. He told us that defeat at the polls is of little consequence if you can simply organize a mob to still get your way. He told us that in the midst of economic chaos much power can be gained. He told us that one should never let a good crisis go to waste.


One final note: We need to remember that we are a republic and not a mob-ocracy, and that the unchecked rule of the gang always leads to less freedom in the end.