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Understanding the times

Understanding the times

Understanding the times

Thought- Is it just me, or does the world and the speed at which we live our lives, feel like it is gaining such velocity that it is spinning out of control?

Scripture- “He said to me: “It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To the thirsty I will give water without cost from the spring of the water of life.” – Revelation 21:6

Insight: I almost got hit three times today in a one-mile span simply trying to take my son to football practice. One person ran a stop sign while texting, one did an illegal U-turn right in the middle of a quiet side street with me right behind him and one lady cut right in front of me pulling out from a blind alley when I had a clear right of way. I stopped and pondered how this seemed to be the way life has appeared to me lately, people frantically and frenetically moving around in state of confusion, texting while driving, disobeying rules and living in a vacuum of me-first decision making that leads to great peril.  I have wondered a lot lately where all this technological advancement is leading, as we have seemingly replaced God with a myriad of inter-connected devices, that makes life less sociable and more frenetic. I then I came upon the following quote from a book I am currently reading, and it summed my thoughts up perfectly. So, I will simply share it below and let the author of the text be my mouthpiece.

John Walvoord, in the book “The Nations in Prophesy,” sums up the current state of the world this way: The nations are indeed at a crossroads, and impending events cast their shadow on every aspect of human life. The world is moving faster and faster like a colossal machine out of control whose very power and momentum inevitably will plunge it into ultimate disaster. Apart from the Bible, the world does not have a ray of hope. Our most brilliant leaders have not found an answer. The present world crisis is not a result of any one factor, but a concurrence of causes and effects which combine to set the world stage for a conflict. Whatever the future holds, it is going to be dramatically different than the past. In this dark picture, only the scriptures chart a sure course and give us an intelligent explanation of world-wide confusion as it exists today. The present world crisis in light of the Scriptures reveals the existence of remarkable components in almost every area which may lead to a dramatic climax of world history. The present crisis in every area of human life all point to the same conclusion, that disaster awaits the nations of the world.

Prayer: Father God, help us turn to you, through your Son Jesus, the only true hope we have. Amen!