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Will you say yes to God?

Will you say yes to God?

Aug 20, 2019

Will you say yes to God?

Thought- Will you say yes to God?

Scripture- “Then God said to Abraham, “As for you, you must keep my covenant, you and your descendants after you for the generations to come.”

Insight: Throughout the Bible the warriors of God, the people who made the biggest impact for God’s kingdom, all shared one common trait: They all said “yes” to God when He called them and asked them to produce a result for His glory. Also, in almost all cases, this wasn’t convenient or easy to do. They all had to sacrifice time, comfort and convenience in order to be used, but yet they were all ready to do just that. Abraham, David, Daniel, Moses, Gideon and many others were all “busy” living life when God called them forward for His kingdom purposes. Unanimously they all said “yes” when God called them, and it was not easy to say yes. All of them had to put their own fears and limitations aside and put all of their faith and trust in God and His promises. If their faith had been weak, they would never had answered yes when God called. How about you? Will you say “yes” when God calls?

Prayer: Father God, we have to fully trust in your plan, your goodness and your power to say “yes” when you call us forward as warriors for your kingdom. May our hearts be ready, and our faith be strong. We pray in Jesus mighty name. Amen!