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Let the Church Rise

  • Jason Soroski

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  • 2016 Mar 29

"Standing in the full armor of God as we wrestle for the soul of our nation"

The song “Let the Church Rise”, written by my friend Jeoffrey Benward has been running through my head today as I prayed about all that is going on in our nation. We seem to be battling the powers of darkness at every corner of society, and the world feels filled with hate and suspicion more than love and forgiveness. As we move on from the Easter celebrations, it is far too easy to slide back into the complacency of everyday life.

But the world we live in is filled with people who are bound by sin, in need of grace and love that only God can give. The simple truth is that this song from 1989 is just as amazingly relevant today as it was then. How often we lose sight of the fact that just because our surroundings change, our fashions change and our music changes, the things that make us human do not change. The means by which Satan attacks us do not change, and the darkness that covers this Earth does not change. Yet the power of God that conquered sin and death through the Cross and the Resurrection also does not change, and it is by this power that we are more than conquerors, and it is by this power that we can rise up and move the gates of hell.

Pornography, terrorism, hatred, apathy, and all that Satan attacks us with are very real in 2016, and it is within our power to take on these enemies as they destroy not only those around us, but destroy us as well.

Let us not continue to fight battles in our own strength, as it will only lead to defeat and confusion, but let us rise up in the power of the Resurrection, in the full armor of God, as mighty warriors in prayer as we face down the evil of this world.


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