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Becoming Unrestrained

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  • 2016 Apr 03

”And David danced before the Lord with all his might…So David and all the house of Israel brought up the ark of the Lord with shouting and with the sound of the horn.” – 2 Samuel 6:14-15

Father, thank You for a reason to celebrate. Thank You that all of Your people arose this morning in a state of spiritual victory, even as some cannot sense it within. Thank You for the high call to faith which beckons us to lift our focus above the circumstantial fray, and to let our gaze rest upon Heaven’s occupied throne whereupon sits the Sovereign King who loves us immeasurably and has pledged Himself to us forever in faithfulness. Thank You, Father for remaining too wise to ever stumble in care for Your children. Thank You that we have been blessed by You with all spiritual blessings in the heavenlies. Thank You that You are for each and every one of us who have been made Your own through Your grace.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, that everything is under Your care and control today. Thank You for determining and declaring that all opposition will soon be put down. You alone are worthy of our hearts’ desire today, and we are determined to let nothing break the rhythm of our adoration of You. Help us to dance today with joy unspeakable and full of glory. Cause everything that has breath to praise You today, and let us count ourselves as chief among those things which will robustly declare Your glorious worth. Break Your children free from self-awareness and self-consciousness. Let us care more about not missing an opportunity to magnify You than we could ever care about what someone might think of our demonstration of love, joy and gratitude toward You. David danced with all his might, and the musicians played loudly while the people went up with a triumphant shout. Let us endeavor to emulate their worship, and let us fear becoming like David’s gloomy wife, Michal, who sat on the sidelines to critique it all with her bile of the soul. Jesus, You are the gloriously good Savior and we feel everything which comprises us begin to surge when we think of Your love for us.

Holy Spirit, free us from ourselves. Hoist up today the anchors which hold Your Church down. Breathe on us that we might experience the mighty, rushing wind of Pentecost as we gather for the glory of our King today. Warm those chilly hearts in our midst. Defrost those children of God who need a spiritual thawing-out. Comfort the afflicted, and make us aware of how You will use us to do so. Season the proclamation of the Gospel so that hungry, empty hearts are awakened. Thank You, Holy Spirit, that You are far more interested in genuine expression of praise – even if it seems a little outwardly sloppy – than you are in perfectly manicured formats and liturgy which could be devoid of substance. Holy Spirit, were we minded to do so, we could likely pull off a decent portrayal of animated worship today without You. That is our nightmare. We wait on You and trust that You will bind us to the awareness of our victory in Jesus today as we gather together.

Father God, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit – we celebrate in You today. Our feet may have no rhythm, but we will dance before You with unfettered souls. You are over us. You are among us. You are within us. How could we not become unrestrained in our expression of joy in You today? Thank You for being the great God over all. You alone are worthy and we have decided that we will not hold back.