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Grabbing Hold of Peace During Financial Uncertainty - Guest Post by Kristen Terrette

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    Jennifer Slattery is a writer and speaker who co-hosts the Faith Over Fear podcast and, along with a team of 6, the Your Daily Bible Verse podcast. She’s addressed women’s groups, Biblestudies, and…

  • Published Aug 16, 2021

Guest post by Kristen Terrette, taken from Wholly Loved's 30 Days of Emotional Health Bible Reading plan

During the financial crisis in the late 2000s, my husband and I couldn’t keep up with the house payments on our upside-down mortgage and we barely had money for groceries. After much prayer, we felt God asking us to let go of the material thing we were clinging to so that our hands were free to grip tightly to Him. 

We had to be brave and hold on while He navigated the trial. 

It wasn’t easy. There were times I was sad, angry, and afraid. I would like to say I was a symbol of grace at the closing table when we short sold our house, but my small smile only masked the bitterness I felt. 

Deep down, I knew if we kept putting one foot in front of the other, believing God’s promise to never leave us (Joshua 1:5), being obedient to His Word in scripture, and repenting of any sin we’d committed, He’d carry us through the murky waters to the high and dry ground ahead. 

Years later, I can say with assurance, He didn’t forsake us. He kept His promise. We’re out of financial ruin, and many new and wonderful things were set into motion by our forced move into a new house in a new city, including me going into full time ministry. 

If you’re enduring a scary period, take heart and push on. God is with you. He wants you to be courageous and grasp onto Him and His Word, listening and obeying, until He carries you through it. He will be right there when you celebrate victory.  

I’m not sure about you, but with the craziness of a new school year and another year of change from every direction, I feel the need to focus on my emotional health. Can you relate? Let our Emotional Health Reading Plan help! You can find it on the YouVersion Bible App! Click HERE to began!

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