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The Costs and Blessing of Obedience

  • Jennifer Slattery

    Jennifer Slattery is a writer and speaker who co-hosts the Faith Over Fear podcast and, along with a team of 6, the Your Daily Bible Verse podcast. She’s addressed women’s groups, Biblestudies, and…

  • Published Sep 24, 2018

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When have you heard God's voice most clearly? When have you most felt His presence? During a time of strength and blessing, or perhaps when life hit hard, you faced a challenging assignment, and you felt ill-equipped and insecure?

Obedience rarely comes easily, but it can lead to the sweetest, most fulfilling blessing--increased intimacy with our Savior.

Consider the introverted, stammering Hebrew named Moses--the man who fled his homeland after what appeared to be a life-altering moral failure--murder. Long gone were the priestly robes he wore while roaming the Pharoah's palace. Gone also were any dreams of grandeur he may once have entertained. By the time he encountered God one day, through a bush that burned without being consumed, he'd settled into a new way of life. A humble yet peaceful way of life.

God changed everything with one command: Go. Rescue my people from oppression and lead them to a land I've long promised.

This so wasn’t what he’d asked for. In fact, he’d debated God, explaining all the reasons he wasn’t the man, begging God to send anyone else. Someone more confident, with more authority, who didn’t stumble over their words or get tongue tied.

God refuted his protests, making it clear, He’d chosen Moses to free the Hebrews—a rebellious, grumbling, stiff-necked people—from oppression and bring them to a place of rest.

This was not the assignment Moses wanted. He was content where he was. He had a family, community, and a shepherding job that had to feed his introverted heart.

But God persisted, and he obeyed.

Fast forward two months. Moses’s assignment had proven profoundly more difficult than he’d feared. Shortly after God had miraculously liberated His people from Egyptian oppression, they forsook Him for gods fashioned from gold—the very gold God had provided.

God’s response: I’m done.

He’d step back from His people, sending His angel to lead them instead. (Ex. 32:33-33:3)

Those protests Moses began his assignment with had to be flooding his brain on replay. Yet, he remained, and Image of Jennifer sitting near the fireplace with text pulled from postin the middle of the hard, beauty unfolded. In desperation, Moses cried out to God, and that was exactly what he received—God Himself.

Isn’t that what our hearts long for most? To encounter God intimately, as not just our ruler, but one in whom we can confide. A friend who knows us deeply and who always has our best in mind? The One who confides in His children. (Ps. 25:14).

Obedience often comes with a cost, but it also comes with a priceless blessing—intimacy with our Creator.

What is God asking of you? How does knowing your obedience paves the way to close, unhindered friendship with Christ encourage you to surrender?

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