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Girls Propositioning Boys: Helping Your Son When the Tables Are Turned

  • Jim Daly Jim Daly is president and chief executive officer of Focus on the Family, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping families thrive.
  • 2014 May 22

Today’s children are growing up faster than ever. Thanks to TV, overtly sexual songs on the radio and the Internet, most kids have likely seen, heard and experienced more than their counterparts from previous generations.

And sadly – one trend we’re seeing is that sexually aggressive “tween” girls are now propositioning younger boys, offering them sexual favors.

One unbelievable example

In our two-part broadcast starting today, “Helping Sons Guard Their Purity,” our guest, FamilyLife President Dennis Rainey, shares a story about a boy who had notes in his jeans pocket from a girl who wanted to sit by him at lunch. This girl promised him that if he became her boyfriend, she would perform certain sexual acts on him.

The most troubling part? The boy was only 8 years old.

What’s a parent to do?

It’s not easy to navigate today’s culture as a mom or dad. Our children are having to deal with temptations we would’ve never dreamed of confronting as a teen. And yet, here we are.

How do we help our children process these types of issues? How do we help our children “obey the rules” while impressing in their hearts the importance of maintaining a relationship with Jesus Christ and with us?

Dennis Rainey, John Fuller and I talk about these issues during today’s broadcast, so I encourage you to tune in via your local radio station, online or our free, downloadable smart phone app.

You can also purchase two books that can help you parent during this challenging life stage. The first is Dennis Rainey’s newest offering, “Aggressive Girls, Clueless Boys,” which delves more deeply into the themes we explore in today’s broadcast.

The second resource is my latest book, “The Good Dad: Becoming the Father You Were Meant to Be.” In this book, I encourage dads that there are practical, doable steps they can take to become a better father every day – even if they didn’t grow up with a good dad themselves.

It’s not easy to navigate today’s culture as a mom or a dad – but it’s not impossible. We know we can trust our Heavenly Father to walk with us along this path, and to help us parent our sons and daughters well. I hope you’re both spurred to vigilant action by what I’ve shared today and comforted that there’s help along the journey.

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