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How Can Parents Help Their Children After Divorce?

  • Jim Daly Jim Daly is president and chief executive officer of Focus on the Family, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping families thrive.
  • 2013 Aug 01

Earlier this week we aired a broadcast dealing with a difficult and sensitive issue: how can a man and woman who are divorced co-parent their children successfully?

It can be a challenging issue to navigate. We know God’s heart is for marriage and divorce is outside His intent. That’s why we encourage couples in crisis to do everything they can to work out differences through prayer, counseling and community support.

However, the reality remains that sometimes, divorce happens. It may have occurred before someone came to Christ. There are also biblical grounds for divorce – and although God can certainly heal a marriage after infidelity, sometimes the decision is made to dissolve the union. And sadly, sometimes selfishness, pain or anger causes some Christians to divorce for reasons outside of God’s boundaries because they see it as the best option.

And so the children remain – and it’s now the responsibility of two people who, for whatever reason, decided they couldn’t stay married to somehow work together to take care of and raise their kids.

As you can imagine, these families need our help and support. Our role at Focus on the Family is to come alongside them and give them practical tips on how to manage a difficult situation in a way that keeps the children’s best interests in mind.

I wish my parents had received support like that. You see, my mom and dad split when I was 5. My brothers and sisters and I lived through some painful times as a result, so my heart goes out to these families. I know what it’s like. I saw my parents succumb to many of the temptations divorced couples face, such as putting their children in the middle of grown-up situations and disagreements.

It’s not an easy road – but it’s a road that can be walked well. That’s the core message of our two-part broadcast: there is hope. By making a decision to put the kids first, divorced parents can raise their children in a loving environment despite the challenging circumstances.

Our guests, counselors Ron Deal and Tammy Daughtry, provide insight to formerly married parents who want to give their kids a sense of stability. It’s a conversation that will be of much help and encouragement to anyone in this situation, so please help us share the broadcast “Co-Parenting: Helping Your Child Thrive After Divorce.” You can listen to Part I and Part II on our website. You can also access “Helping Children Heal After Divorce,” our resources page on the topic.

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