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Olympic Commercial Shows a Parenting Truth

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  • 2014 Feb 07
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Have you caught Olympic fever yet?

Here at Focus we have. Our staff is celebrating “Olympic Fridays” by wearing the red, white and blue. We watch and marvel at the athletes’ prowess – their talent, tenacity, discipline and courage.

And behind these dedicated men and women stand families who helped them achieved their dreams of representing their respective countries on a world stage after a seeming lifetime of training.

I want to share with you a commercial from Proctor and Gamble (P&G) that highlights some of the sacrifices these athletes’ mothers went through to see their children compete at the Olympic level. A lot of it is just encouraging their sons and daughters to persevere when the going gets tough – to get back up again and to keep at it.

Your son or daughter may not be sports oriented. Perhaps God has instead given you an academically gifted child… a future craftsman… a child with a heart for missions… a musician. Whatever it is, your role in their future success is important. Be encouraged to know that everything you do every day to help them matters. So go ahead – when your kids fall, pick them back up. They’ll thank you.

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