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Space Babies and "The Talk"

  • Jim Daly
    Jim Daly is president and chief executive officer of Focus on the Family, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping families thrive.
  • 2013 Feb 05
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Continuing on yesterday’s theme of Super Bowl commercials, I wanted to highlight the larger issue brought up by Kia’s “Space Babies” ad.

Do you remember it? It’s the one where a dad creates a fantastical story about “Babylandia” to answer his child’s question of “where do babies come from?”

Here is the spot:

While we laugh at the desire of the father in the commercial to side-step the birds and the bees conversation, the truth is there’s a tendency to not proactively talk to our kids about sex and as a result, they’ll often hear it from someone else. More troublesome to me is that it often means they won’t learn about God’s plan for sex in the context of a loving, committed marriage.

Last summer I had “the talk” with my son Trent. While it was a bit of an awkward conversation for me to initiate, I’m glad I did. I opened the door for Trent to come to me when he has questions about this topic, which provides the groundwork for us to have good talks later on when he is wrestling with relationship issues with a girlfriend or wondering if he should pop the question.  

And so Kia’s comical take on a serious milestone prompts me to encourage you once again, Mom and Dad, to have the talk.

Maybe you’ve already had the initial discussion. If so, check in on your children. Do they have any questions? How are they processing through the cultural messages that are so often at odds with the truth we find in God’s word? Is your son struggling with how to view girls? How is your daughter’s self-image doing?

Certainly, these tough conversations can be a bit uncomfortable. That’s why Focus on the Family provides practical resources for parents at every stage of life. If you need some help in getting start, read our “Talking About Sex and Puberty” article, which is part of Focus’ Talking About Sex section in the parenting area on our website. You can also call our 1-800-A-FAMILY helpline and speak with a trained representative who can provide you with support and advice suited to your particular situation. You can also listen to a recent broadcast we recorded on the topic.

Let me ask you, aside from embellishing on the “Space Babies” theory or belting out your own rendition of “The Wheels on Bus,” what tips do you have to share about having “the talk” with your child?

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