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Don't Make Me Smack You With a Ruler in Public This Weekend

Bring me one of these. Couldn't hurt.

This Saturday (September 25) I'll be at the annual San Diego Christian Writers Guild's writer's conference, where I'll be boring confusing infuriating inspiring writers via the class I'll be teaching, "Surviving the Blog Clog." (I'll be doing that class twice: first at 11 a.m., and then again at 2 p.m. I'll also be at the Friday night, pre-conference meet-and-greet. You can see all the classes and workshops being offered on the conference's schedule.)

Throughout Saturday I'll also be available for 15-minute, one-on-one consultations. I sit at a table; you sign up for one of my 15-minute slots; come your time you take a seat opposite me; you show me your work or tell me about where you're at and/or would like to be with your writing; I dispense advice so awesome that by the day's end you'll probably be up for a Pulitzer; one of the conference staff informs me that my huge tip jar is inappropriate and requests I ditch it; we go home.

I wrote about my experience at the conference last year in Humbled by Beginning Writers. Read it right now or I'll smack you with a ruler.

Sorry. Getting into teacher mode.

Hey. Nobody said writing is easy.

Come to this conference! It really is a fantastic. You'll love it. Plus, you'll finally get to realize your deepest and most fervent dream, which of course is to meet me in person. You think I'm fun on this blog? Wait'll you get a load of my lapel flower! Go ahead. Lean in close to smell it. I dare you.

Ahh. Good times.

Hey, about this class I'm teaching, "Surviving the Blog Clog." Many of you guys are Major Bloggers. Any advice you'd advise me to pass along to my class? Any tips, input, thoughts on what does and/or doesn't make blogging work for you? Do you like blogging? Do you hate it? Did you start out thinking you'd like it, but then later felt maybe not so much? Have you found it easy to attract readers to your blog? How did you do that? If you've had trouble attracting readers, why do you think that is? Do you read other people's blogs? Do you read mine? How often? Do you constantly advise everyone you know to read my blog, hounding them until you're sure they regularly are? Why not? What's your problem? Do you really think you have anything better to do with your life than making sure other people read my blog? Why do you think that? What's your problem? Do you think I'm funny? Really? How funny? Do you think I'm being funny right now? How funny do you think I'm being right now? How about now? Now? Now? Now?

Ahhh. Good times.

But seriously: Blogging advice, anyone?

Comment/advise here.

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