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Guess the Fate of the Earth and the Human Race! Win a Free Book!

In the comment section of yesterday's "Have BP Execs Committed Manslaughter?," a spirited little side-debate started about the ultimate fate of the earth.

"How sad to think that we seem to be witnessing the rapid approach of the death of this beautiful planet," said "Appalachiana."

"Earth can and will take the worst we can offer it," said "venice1."

"You're a moron who wouldn't know an oil spill from a glass of lemonade," I imagined Appalachiana saying (she didn't).

"Love your screen name," venice1 also did not respond. "Was RockyMountainsiananana already taken?

"Mutant alligators will attack!" I hope no one ever says.

But the point is: people are genuinely worried about the state of our planet right now.

And I think we all know what concern for the demise of life as we know it means.

That's right: Contest time!

In the comments section here, please submit your answer to the following question:

How do you think the ultimate fate of planet Earth and mankind will play out? Do you think the human race will survive? Do you think earth will? Do you think either or both will, but in forms we wouldn't recognize today? Do you think human will survive, but only after moving to another planet? Do you think mutant alligators will attack?

Make your answer to (in short) "How Will It All End?" as long or brief as you like, with as much detail and/or explanation as you see fit.

The winning entry will receive a signed and inscribed copy of my book, Penguins, Pain and the Whole Shebang. I know it's stupid to pick a "winner" when it's all just opinions. But I don't care. I feel like giving away a book. So I'll probably just pick an entry at random. We'll see. But somebody's gettin' a book. In fact, I'll probably pick two winners. Cuz I roll just like that.

The contest will be closed at midnight, or sometime after lunch, or whatever. But pretty soon.

Thank you. Good luck. And I really am looking forward to reading your answers.