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"Honey, Wake Up! You've Won the Nobel Prize!"

The moment it really sunk in.

From The New York Times:

"White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Obama woke up to the news a little before 6 a.m. EDT. The White House had no immediate comment on the announcement, which took the administration by surprise."

[Scene: early morning. Bedroom o' the Obamas.]

Michelle: [gently shaking Barack] Honey. Honey. Barack. Wake up.

Barack: [talking in his sleep] We're bombing the moon?

Michelle: Baby. Get up. Wake up.

Barack: Huh? Wha--? What's up? Are the kids okay?

Michelle: The kids are fine. Pumski, listen to me. You've won the Nobel Prize.

Barack: [pause] What?

Michelle: You won the Nobel Prize.

Barack: [pause] What?

Michelle: I'm tellin' you. They just announced it.

Barack: Are you kidding? Is this you being funny?

Michelle: No. I'm serious. You've won the Nobel Prize!

Barack: Why would I win the Nobel Prize?

Michelle: Do I look Swedish to you? All I know is you won.

Barack: I won the Nobel Prize.

Michelle: That's right.

Barack: There's got to be some mistake.

Michelle: There isn't.

Barack: Maybe I won it for chemistry?

Michelle: Yeah, they gave the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to a guy who can't make instant oatmeal.

Barack: You're telling me that I've won the Nobel Peace Prize. Me.

Michelle: That's the headline for the day.

Barack: And it's not some nonsense cooked up by Fox. Glenn Beck does look awfully Swedish, you know.

Michelle: It's not Fox, baby. It's real. You're the new Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

Barack: But how ...? I mean ... is it possible the Nobel Prize people just don't read the papers? Do do they not know about Iraq and Afghanistan?

Michelle: And Guantanamo?

Barack: Yeah, and Guan---wait a minute. Whose side are you on?

Michelle: [kissing him] It's not about what you've yet to do, baby. It's about what you've done thus far.

Barack: I am a pretty peaceful guy.

Michelle: You are. And you're very noble.

Barack: And they did give it to Kissinger.

Michelle: There you go.

Barack: Does the prize come with a crown?

Michelle: I don't think so.

Barack: I'd look good in a crown.

Michelle: You'd look good in a suit and tie. C'mon now. The press is waiting.

Barack: Are you sure the Nobel Peace Prize doesn't come with a crown? I'm pretty sure it does. Can you find that out for me?

Michelle: Will you stop?

Barack: I'm telling you. I'm gonna end up wearin' a crown. And I mean wearing it all the time, too.

Michelle: You think so, huh?

Barack: You just watch. It's only a matter of time.


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