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I Believe Christians Have a Poor Kleresmaak. And We're Selfvoldaan!

My book I'm OK---You're Not has received its share of reviews. I like the ones that praise the book; I often agree with points in the ones I don't. But I love the one below. It's translated via Google from a South African blog called Emergenbracken. (Thanks, Ken R. for sending this to me.) Here it is:

In a sense, this is not a typical book on evangelism is not. Inherent to our current era of deconstruction, John Shore hoist the presumptions that lives in the minds of (mostly) evangelical, American Christians. Not only does he not questioned, he also provides thoughtful alternatives to the strooipoppe his essay.

But what trade I'm OK - You're Not? John Shore's kernbetoog is that Christians' behavior towards non-Christians cycle with hovaardigheid and liefdeloosheid. We are so plagued with the great commission (Matt 28) that we completely forget the great commandment (Matt. 22). And if one merely semantic terms to see, have a commandment greater urgency than a job. Although he is not opposed to evangelism is not, John Shore felt that American Christians should realize that everyone in their large country gospel at least once heard said, and therefore has a choice exercised. The time has arrived to unbelievers, especially with respect and love to treat, not as projects that can be depreciated if they reject verlossingsboodskap not.

Shore offers ten reasons why unbelievers skeptical about Christians and their witness. He said:

  • They think Christians are emotionally blasé;
  • They think Christians are intellectually immature;
  • They believe Christians have problems with their sexuality;
  • They think Christians are biased and selfvoldaan;
  • They think Christians are hypocritical;
  • They think Christians are emotionally unavailable;
  • They think Christians are desperate to convert anyone;
  • They think all Christians are FANATIES;
  • They believe Christians have a poor kleresmaak;
  • They know they do not respect Christians.

The good book because the author is humorous. Indeed, he is continuously filled full of good wit. Sometimes people lose their sense of humor, but then you do not clean snap the point he tried to make it. I have also found a strong argument that he makes against evangelical Americans, who all know what they are trying to bring repentance, slightly odd to me more about Reformed fall. It's not because I mean no difference, it's rather my experience that South Afrikaans Christians are more reserved about how our faith with others as our American geloofsgenote. Above all his specific arguments are often more applicable to South Afrikaans Christians from the Holy Spirit comes movements: It sometimes comes before or anyone who they do not share their particular beliefs, to be considered justifiable sendingobjekte.

What have I learned I'm OK - You're Not? Enormously: Love dealing with people, I mean that they will unconditionally accept all of them dancing in their early morning or Adams Evaspakke around burning candles in a garden. To people of Jesus to tell, it means that I will respect any decision, even though I think it is way to hell about it. Evangelism is not a single project---for people with Jesus' love to serve, I suppose that would be their friend, even though they did not share my faith. And that I will remain their friend.

Eventually I also learned we should not be too serious about life. It's good to have your own religious beliefs sometimes with a knypie salt vat!

(A knypie of salt vat! Ah, good times. You can view the original here, though maybe not since I think it might come up all hinky on your screen.)


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