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If Believing in the Resurrection is Dumb, Bring Me My Dunce Cap

Having, I am sure, read my post, Advent, Easter and Ordinary Time: Knowing the Christian Calendar, you are aware that we are now in the Easter season of the Christian year. This season lasts lasts 50 days and ends on Pentecost Sunday, which this year falls on May 31.

If we were back in Jesus' time, today would be the first day that the resurrected God was back walking amongst us. (And being funny, too. In Luke 24, Jesus sidles up alongside two guys walking together and talking about his recent murder. "Hey, guys," he says. "Whadd'aya talkin' about? How come you're so bummed?" Not hilarious, maybe---but pretty darn mischievous!)

Can you imagine? You saw the man killed. And then his tomb is empty. And then there he is again!

A lot of atheists think Christians are fundamentally (ha, ha, ha) dumb. Dumb people tend to have limited to no imagination. But we Christians sure do imagine the resurrected Christ walking around, as alive as he ever was. (And hungry! And while they still did not believe it because of joy and amazement, he asked them, "Do you have anything here to eat?"---Luke 24:14.)

And seeing the risen Christ in our mind---believing that his return to life actually and truly happened---we are stunned and inspired by the ... well, unimaginable power of it.

If this is dumb, bring me my dunce cap. (In extra large, still.)

Jesus is now with us, in his most rarefied and illuminated manifestation. He is beside us, chatting with us, asking us what we're talking about, how we're feeling. And why, if we are, we're sad.

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