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Where Were You When Martin Luther King, Jr. Was Killed?

The day Martin Luther King was assassinated I came home from a baseball game I'd been playing to find my mom absolutely distraught. Through her almost violent crying she told me that her hero Martin had been murdered. I knew who King was, because at that time my mom was a college student at San Jose State University, and was very actively involved in the political and social turmoil of 1968. I was ten years old.

I of course tried to comfort my mom, but she was beyond it. She secluded herself in her bedroom, and was so upset it seemed like she might never stop shaking. She went into a very deep funk that rendered her incapable for at least a full day. It was awful, watching her suffer so.

Inspired by her love of the man, I then got busy learning all I could about him, and the movement which he did so much to champion. Mr. King has remained an inspiration to me throughout my life. His writings are invariably sublime testaments to the power of the human mind and soul.

On this sad day, I'd appreciate you sharing, if you're old enough to remember, where you were and/or what you were doing when you heard that MLK had been killed, and what that did or didn't mean to you. If you're not old enough to have been personally affected by that tragedy, and would like to share any of your thoughts on the immortal civil rights leader, I'd also be very grateful to hear them. Thanks. God bless.

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