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Dealing with Old Memories

  • Kelly Balarie

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  • Published Dec 17, 2017

I flew down the hill, free. My bike moved without any exertion. This was supposed to be the fun part. The easy part. The fast-paced glide. But it wasn’t.

My mind flashed back to years ago. The time I got nervous. The time the handlebars shook electricity into my numb hands. The time my mind got scared to death that my bike would flip over on one of the potholes. The time my middle loosened like a noodle in anticipation of what would certainly befall me…

And then, so long ago, I fell.

Anticipating my fall, I practically welcomed it. Anticipating demise, we often, subconsciously, do the exact same.

It’s coming. I’m ru….ined!

Tense, scared and precautious, we prepare to fall. Freaked out, we ready our mind for the worst. Even years later, memories haunt us, repeating the same powerful and engrained lies.

Just consider me. As flew downhill, gone was my moment of enjoyment. Active in my mind was a moment of torment.

The pain of yesterday undoubtedly tries to come to steal the joy of today. Often in a form of a memory seared in our insides. Reminding us of what can never be.

What pain of yesterday steals your joy of today? Your hope? Your peace with God?

In what ways does it hold you back? Torment you? Hurt relationships?

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said. (Mt. 4:19)

How can we follow Jesus when we’re too busy looking back? How can we see where Jesus wants us to step, who he wants us to reach, and what paths he wants us to walk when we are busy filling our mind with the past? When we’re busy asking ourselves why that person did that, where we went wrong, how we could have done better?

“Come, follow me.”

Give up your sore neck that’s always looking back and choose today to look ahead. This doesn’t mean those old memories won’t come, but it does mean you don’t have to indulge your time with them. You don’t have to become consumed with them.

Follow Jesus. A simple gospel: walk how He walks, think how He thinks, love how He loves.

Don’t look back. Jesus covers all that. Just follow Him.


“Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing….” Is. 43:18-21

God, we don’t want to be so consumed with old things that we can’t see your new thing. Renew our minds, in you. Renew our strength, in you. Renew our life, in you. Help us to let go of the old, so we can walk into your new. We need you. We hunger for your help. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.


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