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A Year's Worth of "He Said-She Said"

Almost two years ago now, I began co-writing a singles advice column, called "He Said-She Said," with my longtime friend and contributing writer Cliff Young for Crosswalk's Singles Channel.

I admit that I was unsure at first.  What could I possibly have to say and how would I ever know how to answer all different sorts of incoming questions from fellow singles?

Turns out, God knew what he was doing when he got this column going.  In the process, I have grown to simply love writing and preparing my responses each month.  God has miraculously used experiences in my life and study in his Word to help me answer questions and relate with our single readers.

So, on that thankful note, I'd like to give you a glimpse of all of the topics and questions that Cliff and I tackled in 2009.  And if you know of a single person (regardless of age) who needs a little encouragement or perspective, I hope you will share these columns with him or her as well.

We've received some really great feedback thus far and hope to continue meeting needs as God allows in the new year to come.  Thank you for your support and remember this:  if you haven't hugged a single today, what are you waiting for?

Enjoy …

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