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Cops Rock and Women Are Complicated

Everything old is new again, and sometimes this is a good thing.  Like this week, '70s-'80s pop-rock trio The Police reunited as the opening act for the 49th Annual GRAMMY Awards. 

Yes, yes, I have priorities, so I made sure I caught their performance before … gulp … rushing off and arriving a wee bit late to my Sunday evening small-group Bible study. 

Apparently the band really IS back together as just yesterday the trio announced plans for a North American tour beginning May 28 in Vancouver.  They said they'll stick to Police material and won't dip into any of lead singer Sting's work from his solo career.  The Police last recorded during the '80s heyday, but members were mum on whether or not they will lay down some new tracks in the 21st century.  Time will tell.  In the meantime, rock on.

More good things from the past include "The Bionic Woman."  Remember that '70s TV show with Lindsay Wagner (she's now promoting the Sleep Number Bed in commercials)?  It was a spin-off of "The Six Million Dollar Man" with Lee Majors (another great show – and my friend had the lunchbox, too).

Turns out NBC's cooking up a reinvention of the popular series and has cast British actress Michelle Ryan (BBC's "EastEnders" soap) in the lead.  For those of you who missed it back in the day, the bionic woman had all kinds of technology implanted into her body, so she could do all sorts of superhero type of stuff. 

There was even a "Bionic Woman" doll.  My friend had one, as well as the Donnie and Marie Osmond dolls.  And yes, I was covetous.  But somehow I got over it and learned to be content with my Sunshine Family dolls.  And my "Waltons" lunch-box.