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Getting My Feet Wet

As I backflip right into the deep end of the Crosswalk blog pool today, oddly enough I'm reminded of some song lyrics I once heard over and over and OVER again:  "I'm not aware of too many things, but I know what I know if you know what I mean." 

Now thankfully, as further lyrics suggest, I don't think "philosophy is the talk on a cereal box."  Nor do I feel that "religion is a smile on a dog."  (Sorry about that Edie Brickell and your friendly New Bohemian friends.)

All that being said, it IS true that I don't know everything.  Still, I think I should fit in quite nicely here. 

I'm no scholarly Albert Mohler (please take time to read his blog here if you haven't had the opportunity to do so).  Nor am I as clever as Dave Burchett (a personal fave who you can check out here). 

I'm just your average Jane Christian who's trying to make sense out of what I see, hear, and ingest every day in pop culture and the entertainment world at large.

So I'll do my best to keep you in the know and perhaps get your interest piqued about people, places or things that are worth your time and/or dollars.

Recently there have been several quality children's DVDs that have passed across my desk that are worth mentioning.  I'm thinking they'd fit nicely into someone's little stockings in the upcoming gift-giving season:

  • "Thank You God for ... Adventures in Imagination" - Have you met Boz, The Green Bear Next Door?  Co-creators and producers Dennis DeShazer and Jon Green are the great minds behind the bear.  And DeShazer is also a co-creator of Barney.  So, if your children have like the purple dino, I'm guessing they'll love a green-like-broccoli bear, too.  "Thank You God for …" just released this past weekend in Christian bookstores everywhere.

  • "Gideon:  Tuba Warrior" - Gosh, I'm thinking that anything that pairs a LOUD instrument and the word "warrior" in the title has got to be music to the ears of busy little guys.  You know?  This is VeggieTales' latest adventure that is based on the story of the bible hero.  It released this past Saturday in the Christian bookstores and will be available tomorrow in the general marketplace.  And, gulp, if you haven't seen a Veggies DVD before, be assured they're suitable for children of ALL ages.  Male or female.

  • "God Made Christmas" - For the littlest tykes (ages 3 to 36 months), this DVD (and accompanying board book) from the folks at babyfaith will help them with their learning and developmental skills.  So says Terry B. Hancock, Ph.D., Developmental Psychologist, Peabody College of Education, Vanderbilt University.  He also says he has "not found another video series that matches the ability of babyfaith to provide educational learning experiences and build a foundation of faith."  So if it's good enough for Terry, it might be good enough for you.  "God Made Christmas" is in stores now.

  • "Internet Safety:  Hot Tips for Cool Kids" - This is the newest DVD from The Safe Side, founded by Julie Clark (The Baby Einstein Co.) and John Walsh ("America's Most Wanted").  Targeted to children 7 to 12, "Internet Safety" is hosted by the Safe Side Superchick (she's the one with the wacky TV-antenna-looking pigtails).  The SSS explores the world of e-mail, downloads, pop-ups and chat rooms.  With all of the yucky things that can happen on social networking sites, it might be a good time to spend some time learning how to take precautions while your children are surfing the 'Net.  Click here for more info.