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Idol Chatter: Brooke White Fades to Black

EDITOR’S “EDITOR’S NOTE”:  On last night’s elimination on American Idol Season 7, it was an emotional fade to black for Brooke White who tearfully said goodbye.  It was also an occasion for Neil Diamond’s declaration of “Pretty Amazing Grace.”  See what Coworker Chad and I think about this, as well as the continued mysterious adoration of all things David Archuleta, in our regular AI chat.

Laura Mac says:  Ready to rock some AI chat?

Chad says:  Ready as I'll ever be.

Laura Mac says:  Okay, so I really don't have much to say about last night's elimination.  Brooke White fades to black.  'Nough said?

Chad says:  Not really a surprise.  ‘Nough said.

Laura Mac says:  Well, wait.  One thing.  I did appreciate that she showed some emotion and was crying when she performed her last song onstage.  I think I missed seeing some of that humanness last week when Carly got the boot.  So it was nice to see that Idol contestants have feelings, too.

Chad says:  Yeah.  As you know, I have been a Brooke fan since the start.  I'm sad to see her go, but I don't think it was the wrong thing to happen.  I think there was probably an element of relief last night.  I know the criticism really got to her and it has showed in her performances.  The relief of the weight of that stress being lifted off must be overwhelming.

Laura Mac says:  Yes.  I'm sure.  But the most important thing is ... her hair looked GREAT!  And, speaking for the female set out there, if your hair looks great then ... well ... that's half the battle.   

Chad says:  There have never been truer words spoken.

Laura Mac says:  Also having a good hair night was Natasha Bedingfield who performed her latest single.  I like her, but I what I didn't like was the fact that she made a beeline for Archuleta on the safe couch after she was done.  What was THAT all about?  What Machiavellian power does the Archuleta hold over these people?????

Chad says:  That is the question to be answered.  It is completely beyond me.  I just don't get it.  Particularly since his vocals have been uncharacteristically weak lately.  I heard notes out of tune on Tuesday - which is a first.  He butchered his solo last night.  Why does he get a pass on that stuff?  I think everyone fell so hard for him early on that they just don't hear what the others hear. 

Chad says:  And while I'm on the subject, let me complain about one other thing that is driving me nuts about David A.  This syrupy sweet, cute and innocent, “I'm just glad to be here” act.  Last night it appeared that they were going to need to administer CPR after Ryan told him he was safe (can you picture the stampede that would ensue when they asked if someone could do mouth to mouth?).  Come on. 

Chad says:  Like he was worried for a second.

Laura Mac says:  Pure EEEEE-vil.

Chad says:  I'm trying to like him.  I really am. 

Laura Mac says:  I predict that he will be exposed in the finals.  And in a good way.  America will finally see his skills for what they aren’t.

Chad says:  Well, if he doesn't expose himself before then, a head-to-head match up against David Cook should lay bare the true talent differential.

Laura Mac says:  One can only hope and pray.

Chad says:  Speaking of hoping and praying, what did you think of Neil Diamond last night?

Laura Mac says:  EXACTLY!!!!!  I've been wondering what his new single, "Pretty Amazing Grace," means.  Is he talking faith or is he talking girlfriend?  I listened to it again online this morning and still can't figure it out. 

Chad says:  I wondered the same thing at the start, but as the song went on I thought it was pretty solidly a faith song.  "Pretty Amazing Grace" could be about a woman named Grace, but in light of the rest of the lyrics it was pretty "churchy" to me.  There were just too many phrases and concepts that believers would recognize right away.

Laura Mac says:  Well, it's puzzling.  I couldn't find any in-depth interviews yet where he discussed the meaning.  The disc doesn't drop 'til next week, so maybe there will be some discussion about it and its meaning after that.  Until then ... who knows.  Maybe the Diamond got saved.  That would be great.

Chad says:  True dat.

Laura Mac says:  Okay, so next week is "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" week.  I have no idea what that will mean.  Perform any song by a RRH of famer?  Or appearances by special bands/artists who have been inducted into the RRHF? 

Chad says:  Yeah, I wonder exactly what the parameters will be.  I prefer they have a little more freedom in their song choices.  We tend to get better performances.  When contestants are limited to one artist, it can be difficult for them to find a song that works for their voice. 

Laura Mac says:  I wonder who the oldest, living RRHF inductee is.  It would be fun to see someone like that trotted out ... well, make that rolled out ... on the AI stage.  But he/she would probably fall under the spell and make a beeline for Archuleta, too. 

Laura Mac says:  I guess every season has the contestant who reaches "cult status."  Maybe that's what Archuleta is for Season 7.  In fact, I'm surprised that "crying girl" isn't back in the audience and crying for him.  Wasn't she the one who was crying over Sanjaya last season?

Chad says:  Oh man, I had forgotten about her.  That was one of the funniest American Idol shows of all time.  Crying girl is what AI7 desperately needs.

Laura Mac says:  Seriously. Okay, I'm Archuleta'd out.  Let's go back to work.

Laura Mac says:  TTY next week.

Chad says:  I can't wait

Laura Mac says:  You always say that.

Chad says:  It's true.

Laura Mac says:  You've got the AI fever.

Chad says:  I love this show.  I'm just glad we have So You Think You Can Dance coming up to help us with the letdown of the season end.

Chad says:  Did I just say that out loud?

Laura Mac says:  Indeed.  But again, your secret is safe with me.

Laura Mac says:  C-ya.

Chad says:  Later.