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Idol Chatter: Curtains for Kristy Lee

EDITOR’S “EDITOR’S NOTE”:  Last night’s elimination on American Idol Season 7 marked the end of an era:  the unstoppable Kristy Lee Cook made her exit.  And then there were six.  In this instance of AI instant-messaging, my coworker, Chad, and I discuss this unexpected, but deserved, departure as well as who’s in the mentor’s seat for next week and how we think the remaining contestants will fare.

Laura Mac says:  Knock, knock.

Chad says:  Nobody home.

Chad says:  What's up?

Laura Mac says:  Wait, you were supposed to say "Who's there?"

Chad says:  My bad.  Who's there?

Laura Mac says:  Someone who was once "unstoppable."

Chad says:  Unstoppable who?

Laura Mac says:  No ... now you're supposed to name the person who was once "unstoppable."

Laura Mac says:  Remember?

Chad says:  As you can tell, I'm not very good at this.  So far, this reminds me of the Dolly Parton performance.  So - anyway - yes, I'm surprised and not surprised to see Kristy go.  Apparently, she is mortal after all.

Laura Mac says:  Yes.  Finally.  Kristy Lee Cook has left the kitchen.

Laura Mac says:  Why do you suppose that America finally tired of her?  I can't make rhyme or reason of how the voting is going this season.

Chad says:  Which is why I'm sort of surprised Kristy got the boot.  On one hand, the right person went home.  On the other hand, Kristy has been defying the odds for months now while superior artists take the long walk.  I wasn't surprised about the other two in the bottom.  But you are right, some very strange voting this season.

Chad says:  I figured she had at least one more week in her, but I'm not at all surprised to see her go.

Laura Mac says:  Well, we still have one Cook left (David), thankfully.  And I think the right one at that.

Laura Mac says:  Check this out:  I heard that next week's AI will feature mentoring by Andrew Lloyd Webber on the set of Phantom - The Las Vegas Spectacular.  THAT should be interesting, if not dangerous for some.

Chad says:  This should be a very interesting week (but aren't they all?).  This could be a good week for contestants.  Lots of opportunity to showcase big voices and big talent.  But, jumping back, I want to make a quick statement and point. 

Chad says:  Let me quote the highly esteemed and brilliant Entertainment Editor from – “If David Cook doesn’t win it all, this competition is a joke.”  I think that’s technically more of a paraphrase than a quote, but you are absolutely right.  I didn’t complete agree at the time, but you can’t argue about it now.

Laura Mac says:  Well … tiny cough of humility … I couldn't agree more.  And with such an amaaaaaaaaaazing coworker, too.

Laura Mac says:  Okay, so thinking Broadway and show tunes (which I assume is what the contestants will be tackling next week) ... I predict that Brooke will stumble and then take her final bow.  The others will sail on through.  What say you?

Chad says:  Hmm.  It's so hard to predict at this point.  I think Syesha is living on borrowed time.  I think she will be next to go.  I'll bet she barely edged out Kristy this week and next week she will be the obvious choice.  I also predict that David Cook will give his best performance yet.  He has a way of making not-so-cool songs cool.  I expect we will be blown away by what he does with a show tune.

Laura Mac says:  Yeah, he might get another standing ovation from Randy Jackson, who I must say has been more entertaining to me in this season than in ones past.  Actually, the responses of the whole judging trio is something I always look forward to.  You never know what any of them are going to say … well, except maybe Paula.  She’s always predictably, and cluelessly, positive.

Laura Mac says:  Okay, any last thoughts before getting back to work?

Chad says:  Please America - stop the David Archuleta insanity.  I found Randy's comment this week that David A. could sing anything to be ironic, considering he's given the same performance every single week for three months now.  I give him credit.  He has perfect pitch.  I haven't heard a single note out of tune from him, but come on.  This is ridiculous.

Laura Mac says:  Well, he's awfully cute ... like a little puppy.  An overgrown, slightly awkward, 17-year-old little puppy.  But still.  Maybe it's hard to be critical toward that (for Randy). 

Laura Mac says:  I will be VERY surprised if Archuleta makes it to the final 2.

Chad says:  I hope you're right.

Laura Mac says:  Fingers crossed. 

Laura Mac says:  Talk to you soon.  Show tunes or bust!!!!!!!!

Chad says:  Rock on.