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Idol Chatter: Three for Archuleta, Cook and Mercado

EDITOR’S “EDITOR’S NOTE”:  Since Coworker Chad has seemingly “left the building” today, Coworker Shawn has graciously stepped in as a special guest to discuss last night’s performances on American Idol Season 7.  It was “3 for 3” night, as the contestants each performed three songs:  one chosen by the AI judges, one by the contestants and one by the AI producers.  Who chose wisely?  Find out in today’s AI chat. …

Laura Mac says:  Let's rock and roll, Coworker Shawn!

Shawn says:  I need to start by saying that anyone who can take Lionel Richie and Roberta Flack and make them sound cool and relevant is an obvious winner in my book.

Laura Mac says:  Yes, yes.  We'll get to David Cook in a moment.  But first I want to say thanks to you, Shawn, for pinch-hitting for a MIA coworker who shall remain nameless.  And who may or may not be cavorting at Disney World as we chat.

Shawn says:  Well, I can't speak too badly of said nameless coworker, because one day I might just turn the chats I have with him in his office about Lost into one of these chatter thingies, too.

Laura Mac says:  Indeed.  One must be careful in the workplace.  Big sister could be watching.  Okay, back to the good stuff ...

Laura Mac says:  There’s a saying … “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  And I think we can agree that some of the song selections last night on American Idol were, indeed, lemons.  Let’s discuss each contestant and who did or didn’t make lemonade with their performances.  First up, David Archuleta. 

Shawn says:  Well, let me be snickety about your lemony theme for a minute (ha ha).  I think the judges made good choices for the contestants, they chose averagely for themselves, and the producers smelled like Pledge they were so lemony.

Shawn says:  But to Archuleta, I will echo what Chad has been saying - once again, I didn't see much new from him in style (and when he tried to add some "choreography" it was not a good idea), but I also don't see his train slowing down as we get close to the station.  Too many little girls love him.

Laura Mac says:  Yeah.  The whole "my boo" thing in the Chris Brown song ("With You") was painful, along with the synchronized body movements.  I thought he did well on the Billy Joel selection, but agreed w/Simon on the Dan Fogelberg ditty.  The sappiness of the song just overshadowed everything.  Too gooey.

Shawn says:  I love me some Fogelberg (was sad when he passed recently), but seriously ... as soon as that was announced I felt I was at a 1970s wedding.

Laura Mac says:  Just the image of a ‘70s wedding and rainbow-themed bridesmaid dresses … oh my.  Well, moving on ... what did you think about Syesha Mercado's fight for survival last night?  Did she do what it took to nab a spot in the final two?

Shawn says:  I think she should have worked up some more tears.

Shawn says:  All along I've wondered how Syesha became the last woman standing. I don't see a scenario where she continues to do so ... but obviously this show and its wacky voting public have shocked me before.

Shawn says:  “Fever”? I was so glad the judges slammed that choice, because I thought it was a bad idea as well. And that's even if the song hasn't been forever ruined in my mind by The Simpsons (Bart's teacher does a version while covered in balloons for the school variety show. Ew!).

Shawn says:  I'm just not picturing anyone rushing to the stores to pick up their copy of the Syesha album.

Laura Mac says:  Yeah.  I think the thing w/Syesha is that she's only comfortable when she can be someone else - whether that's as a character singing a song from a musical or if she's channeling a diva ... like Alicia Keys in last night's "If I Aint' Got You" performance.  I just don't think she's a star, 100% through and through.  She can't stand on her own.  And so I predict she will finally fall tonight.

Shawn says:  Funny you say that ... because I thought last night, "Well, no reason she can't do what Jennifer Hudson has done.  But she's not Alicia Keys, she's not Whitney ... and she's no Britney (and that's a good thing).  She's caught in between.

Laura Mac says:  I think she'll have a decent career.  She just won't win AI.  Okay, let's head back to Cook's kitchen now.  How did you feel about David C.'s performances last night? 

Shawn says:  The irony of the Cook is that he's not as good at rockin' as, say, Daughtry, but he might actually win the competition.  I still think there isn't a song the Cook can't perform. and being a Switchfoot fan just earned him me texting in 2 votes instead of 1.

Shawn says:  I felt all three rounds went to him.  But how will he beat little David? Do you see any scenario where that happens?

Laura Mac says:  If America gets their collective boxers out of a bunch and votes wisely, then Cook will win.  HE is the one who can sing the phone book, and NOT Archuleta.

Laura Mac says:  I thought Cook choosing a Switchfoot song was interesting.  Not the strongest of songs, but I'm still a fan of the SF boyz.  What I must say, though, is that David's cover of "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" blew me away as much as his performances of "Hello" and "Billie Jean" from earlier in the competition. 

Shawn says:  Absolutely agree with that. I also agree with what Randy and Paula said about the SF song ... 90 seconds wasn't enough to give the full effect.

Laura Mac says:  Yeah, that's a good point.

Shawn says:  Speaking of a tired phrase...  can't Randy use another big reference book once in a while? Sing the encyclopedia? Dictionary? Foxe's Book of Martyrs?

Laura Mac says:  Well, you know, dawg.  You gotta check it out, baby, check it out!  I just wish Randy would say "molten hot lava bomb" again.  That’s the one that makes me chuckle.

Shawn says:  Back to Roberta Flack.  When Simon announced "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," my trained reaction was to go, "What the ...???"  but that was immediately followed by a, "No, wait ... this has the potential for genius ..." and it was.

Laura Mac says:  Yes, it was a genius moment.  I just watched it again on YouTube.  Good stuff.

Shawn says:  Any theories on what the producers were doing? Sabotage comes to mind ... sheesh!

Laura Mac says:  Yeah, who knows.  I'm sure I could drum up a conspiracy theory on this, but Chad told me to get over that last week.  I'm back on my "meds" as it were.  Okay ... so tonight.  What will happen?

Shawn says:  Archuleta coasts, DC and SM sweat it out, we go into next week David vs. David.

Shawn says:  Oh, that, and Ryan will tell us how this is the tightest vote ever, and was ultimately decided by rock-paper-scissors.

Laura Mac says:  LOL.  But he'll say that right after he says:  "THIS ... <longest pause ever in the history of the universe> ... is A-MER-ican IDOL!!!!"

Shawn says:  I usually eat my dinner at that moment

Laura Mac says:  Smart man.

Shawn says:  Or regurgitate it.  One or the other.

Shawn says:  So what's the theme of Variety Hour tonight?  Hometown visits?

Laura Mac says:  Maybe so.  That sounds about right.  Hometown heroes.  Ticker-tape parades.  Marching bands.  Crying babies.  Snow cones.

Shawn says:  If so, I'm making this call:  I'm setting the over/under on how many people I can find in DA's hometown who used to think he was a little dorky and now treat him like their best pal king at, say, 20.

Laura Mac says:  That could very well happen.  I guess once you get a camera in someone’s face, anyone’s liable to say just about anything.

Laura Mac says:  Okay, so unless Chad miraculously reappears, wearing his mouse ears, and has watched AI before tomorrow, then should we meet up again to discuss tonight's elimination.  Sound good?

Shawn says:  At the coffee machine on the 4th floor, you bet.

Laura Mac says:  With laptops at the ready.  More on this tomorrow.  LMac out. ...

Shawn says:  Love and Serendipity, Fake Chad.