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In Case You Missed It …

PLANET EARTH … Last night, Discovery Channel began re-airing its Emmy Award-winning, 11-part series, Planet EarthUSA Today calls it “mesmerizingly beautiful.”  NY Times says it’s “a revelation.”  And I say “it’s simply God’s creation.” 

Catch the next ten episodes on Sunday evenings at 8 PM (ET/PT).  The remaining episodes will air (two each Sunday) for the next five weeks.  This is cable television’s highest-rated natural history program of all time (it took five years to make this series!).  View the trailer and have a “sh-sh-sh-sh-shark encounter” here.

In keeping with the theme of what God hath made, it seems as though pollinating insects are still popular with moviegoers as Bee Movie is now in the No.1 spot at the box office.  This past weekend, it trumped both Fred Claus and Lions for Lambs which could have both been stiff competition upon their initial releases this past Friday.  Read our Bee Movie review here.  And find out why Fred Claus and Lions for Lambs are what they are, here and here.

DONNIE & MARIE … One step up from the animals and just a little lower than the angels, we arrive at mankind.  Representatives of the species were out in full force last week on The Oprah Winfrey Show when 100+ Osmonds descended en masseAnd I confess.  I taped the show because … gulp … I’m a fan of Donnie and Marie Osmond.  Yes, I faithfully watched their musical variety show every Friday night in the ‘70s.  And I just reeeeeally needed to catch up with them.  The hour on Oprah was meant to be a reunion, as well as a tribute to the clan’s patriarch, George Osmond who recently passed away.  You can still watch some clips from the show (like Donnie and Marie singing their signature “I’m a Little Bit Country … I’m a Little Bit Rock ‘n’ Roll”) here.