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My Blog Is My Husband

Before I started blogging at Crosswalk, I had a personal blog that I would update frequently.  Actually most every day, as I knew that friends and family would be checking it.

And if I wasn’t johnny-on-the spot with something fresh to say by the lunch hour on each day, then boy would I hear about it.

For subject matter, I would normally blog about whatever was on my mind.  And these were usually random thoughts or questions that I would’ve wanted to discuss with ……wait for it …… a husband! 

Yes, and since that was not happening, I used to joke that “my blog was my husband.”  Or “I don’t have a husband, therefore I blog.” 

I said it very tongue-in-cheekly.  But it was also partly true.  Because I wouldn’t have had to blog about these trivial things to the masses if there was someone close by who would be legally bound to listen to everything I had to say, ask or question.  And then I could have had this all taken care of very conveniently in the privacy of my own home, and not have had to bother anyone else.  Virtually or otherwise.

But until that time, here we are.  And with all of that being said—by way of a five-paragraph-introduction—I had some thoughts this past weekend that I wanted to share with my “blog-husband.”  And how nice for you that you get to come along for the discussion. 

P.S.  If you have answers to or comments for any of the following questions and thought processes, please say so below in Reader Comments. ...

1.  Is it just me, or is everything (often in television and sometimes in print) described with double adjectives now?  “Super new” or “Crazy good” are two examples.  Also annoying is the over-usage of “insane” or “insanely.”  If something smells “insane” or tastes “insanely” delicious, do I really want to ingest and take part in something like this?  Also, in 10 or 20 years, will everything be described w/three adjectives in a row because two were just not good enough any more?  “Extra, super new” or “Inconceivable, crazy good.”  When will it stop??? 

2.  Why does a man act like he’s not interested and/or insult a lady when he really IS interested all along?  Therefore, aren’t men just as complicated and/or fickle as women?  (This came to mind after watching Pride & Prejudice for the umpteenth time this past weekend.)

3.  Is Heath Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight really that good?  Or does it just seem “Oscar worthy” because you know that he met with an untimely death earlier this year and so that information makes his performance somehow more “special” or sadly “glamorous”?  Also, how is it known that his death was “accidental”?  Since he is not here to vouch for himself, how do we know that he did not intentionally take prescription drugs to end his life?  I am just wondering about this, because everything I read refers to his death resulting from an “accidental overdose of prescription drugs.”  How do they know the mind of Heath?

4.  Some musings on male church attire.  If a man is going to wear a suit, then wear a suit (this includes a button-down shirt w/a tie, but not necessarily a vest or suspenders or braces).  If a man is going to wear a collared polo shirt, then wear your casual and wear it well with some accompanying khakis and loafers.  But, and here’s my q, why just wear a suit jacket and an open-collared oxford shirt?  Why not go all the way and wear the tie?  I don’t get it.  I mean, you’re almost there.  Either suit up all the way or polo down, right?

5.  While renting a DVD at Blockbuster, the clerk said upon checkout to yours truly:  “This is due back on Monday.”  And since I am a conscientious child of clarity, I asked:  “By midnight on Monday?”  And he said, “It’s due back on Monday.”  To which I said, “Does that mean any time up until midnight on Monday night?”  To which he said, “It’s due back on Monday.”  To which I said, “So you mean, if I drove up at 11:59 p.m. on Monday night and dropped it into the overnight drop slot, that it would not be considered “late”?  To which he said, “It’s just due back on Monday.”  To which I might have audibly sighed and “briskly” walked out of the retail establishment, DVD in hand.  What happened to the meaning of “service” in “customer service”???  For the love. ...