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So You Think You Can Dance: And Then There Were 18

BLOGGER’S NOTE:  Two out of the top 20 contestants—Rayven and Jamie—were eliminated last night on Season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance.  A day later, Coworker Chad and I offer our comments.  Did the judges let the right dancers go?  Did they even bother to ask us?  Find out what we think. …

Laura Mac says:  Pants-Off Dance-Off!

Chad says:  Yikes.

Laura Mac says:  Oh wait, wrong show.

Chad says:  Ohhhh boy.

Laura Mac says:  However … oddly enough … we COULD have called So You Think You Could Dance by that name on Wednesday night, yes?

Chad says:  True, very true.  I'm not at all surprised to see them go.

Laura Mac says:  Yes, I think we both saw the forthcoming exodus of Rayven and Jamie (and their pants, for that matter). 

Laura Mac says:  I thought the solo performances of the bottom three couples were just "okay" last night.  No one wowed me as they were trying to save their respective bacon.

Chad says:  Yep.  There were definitely a couple that stood out to me as weak, but no one wowed me (except perhaps Will).  Honestly though, the solos do nothing for me.

Laura Mac says:  Why did the audience "count down" toward the end of most of the solo performances?  Is that some sort of SYTYCD tradition or something?  I didn't get that.

Chad says:  There seem to be many strange rituals on this show.  They are "dancing for their lives," trying to pack as much in to impress before time runs out.  I can only figure it's like trying to beat the clock in basketball or something.

Laura Mac says:  Or something.  Okay, well speaking of STRANGE ... what was the opening dance sequence all about with judge Nigel Lythgoe being "kidnapped" and tied up in a chair while circled by the creepy cannibal-zombie dancers onstage? 

Chad says:  Oh my word.  I'm so glad that wasn't your first exposure to SYTYCD.  I promise that's not normal.  It was one of the weirdest moments of television I've seen.  Another thing that I thought was strange about last night was the trouble they had with the sound and the cameras.  There were more sound problems and strange shots of empty stages.  The results show isn't even live.  There's no excuse for that.

Laura Mac says:  Okay.  Well, that makes me feel better.  I felt like I was watching a sanitized-21st-century-Benny-Hill-esque sketch gone horribly wrong.  It was the extreme quick close-up shots on Nigel's face and his "panicked" expressions that were questionable.

Laura Mac says:  100% processed cheese, for sure.

Laura Mac says:  But I did enjoy the segment with Popin Pete and Shonnie of The Electric Boogaloos.  Did you see that?

Chad says:  I did.  Mildly interesting for me, but I fast forwarded about half way through.

Laura Mac says:  Oh, come on.  You KNOW you're gonna want to break out your new "poppin" moves that you learned at the next company social.

Chad says:  The only things I'll be poppin if I try that are my back and a bunch of ibuprofen.

Laura Mac says:  Okay, Methuselah.  Well, any final thots on last night's show?  Or predictions for next week and the remaining 18 contestants?

Chad says:  Thoughts on last night:  Nothing surprised me except the frightening opening routine.

Predictions for next week:  There will be some that I like and some that I don't.  (Unfortunately, I just don't know the dancers well enough yet to guess.)

Laura Mac says:  Well, I don't know what more I can add to that right now.  So in the meantime, I'll just finish reading up in my copy of Dancing for Dummies.

Laura Mac says:  Until next week. ...

Chad says:  Take it easy.