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The Week in Christian Entertainment

“The world is a stage … The stage is a world of entertainment … That’s entertainment!”

Remember those lyrics from the 1937 musical The Band Wagon?  Or the 1953 movie of the same name, starring Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse?  Hum along if you can recall.  If not, you might score a rental if you’re in the mood for a musical this weekend.

In the meantime, and in keeping with all things entertainment, there were some notables this week in the Christian marketplace that are worth mentioning. ...

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS MOVIE ... The new animated film from Promenade Pictures releases in select markets today.  Check here for times and locations.  But before it even hit theaters, there’s been some controversy and buzz brewing.  Here are the facts being reported:

- A poll conducted in conjunction with film’s release shows that 86% of Americans surveyed cannot name the Ten Commandments.
- News outlets have reported that a radio ad for the film was altered at the request of Radio Disney to remove the words “chosen by God.”
- Organizations nationwide are responding in support of the producers’ right to use “chosen by God” in their movie ads, and launching Ten Commandments awareness campaigns.

Michael Medved discussed the "chosen by God" controversy on his radio show yesterday.  And next week on Tuesday, October 23, one of the voice talents of The Ten Commandments, actor Christian Slater, is scheduled to appear on Fox & Friends and Hannity & Colmes on FOX News Channel to discuss the movie’s release. 

CARMAN CELEBRATES 30 YEARS IN M INISTRY … So what’s Carman Domenic Licciardello been up to lately?  The singer-actor-author-television host just released a new album, Instrument of Praise, to mark his 30 years in ministry which includes garnering 15 Gold and Platinum albums and videos, starring in the 2001 theatrical release, The Champion, regular hosting duties on the TBN network, writing novels and screenplays and on and on. 

Fans are being encouraged to submit their favorite memories of Carman’s ministry on his MySpace page.  And 30 randomly selected submissions will receive a personal call from Carman.  Click here to submit your fave memory.

AMY GRANT'S MOSAIC AND GREATEST HITS … Amy Grant has a lot of memories to share in her first autobiographical book, Mosaic:  Pieces of My Life So Far (WaterBrook Press).  I’ve skimmed through some of it, and it’s interesting stuff—mostly life lessons learned along the way through her own experiences and encounters with everyday folk.  I intend to go back and read more thoroughly through this portrait of Christian music’s best-selling artist of all time.  Amy’s also released her Greatest Hits Special Edition album.  Look for this ageless Christian music favorite on Life Today with James Robison on October 30 and on Food Network’s Paula’s Party (now THAT ought to be fun!) on December 8 and 14.  Click here for more info.

I'M FINE WITH GOD ... IT'S CHRISTIANS I CAN'T STAND …  I chuckled when I saw this title of an upcoming January '08 offering from authors Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz (Knowing the Bible 101).  Why?  Because I’ve had non-Christian friends tell me that before.  Plus, even though I’m a believer, I’ve even had that thought cross my mind at times.  (And I’m sure others have had thought that about me, too.) 

I’m Fine with God … relates how many non-Christians find the behavior of some Christians offensive rather than inviting.  It’s billed as “a refreshing call to authentic Christianity” and will hopefully help Christians and non-Christians communicate openly and honestly about God. 

The book kicks off a new line called Books, started by Harvest House and Conversant Media Group.  Besides I’m Fine with God …, other ConversantLife titles releasing next year include Wrestling with Angels by Carolyn Arends, Why Guys Need God by Michael Erre and Five Sacred Crossings by Craig J. Hazen.  Check back in January ’08 for the official launch of