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Are Teens Mature Enough To Elect Cosmetic Surgery?

As more teenagers express interest in undergoing cosmetic surgery, researchers are asking critical questions about their motives, issues and whether young people are even equipped to make informed decisions regarding what are often permanent changes to their appearance.

Researchers who recently conducted a review of the literature on teens and cosmetic surgery (with a focus on breast augmentation and liposuction) found that teens are mental and physical works in progress. Dr. Anisha Abraham, M.D., coauthor of an study which appeared last Fall in Journal of Adolescent Health, says that teenagers' body images are continually developing. "Women can increase their breast size; they can gain weight. One recommendation is to certainly wait until a young woman is perhaps at least 21 before considering either liposuction or breast augmentation, simply because she is still going through pubertal changes."

Source: Modern Medicine

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