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Hot College Courses

A listing of hot college courses from "The Daily Beast"...

• "Science and Cooking," Harvard
• "Eco-Shakespeare," Brown
• "Millennial Media: Youth Audiences and Commercial Culture," Middlebury
• "The Financial Panic of 2007-2009," Yale
• "Studies in Genre: Forms of Life," Case Western
• "Monstrosity and Otherness," Kenyon
• "Ghosts and Machines," Harvey Mudd
• "American Agricultures," Oberlin
• "Ecology of Eating: Reporting from the Fields of Science and Art," Wesleyan
• "Talking Trash," Smith
• "iPhone Application Development," Stanford
• "Techniques of Surveillance," Brown
• "Mobile City Chronicles: Gaming With New Technologies of Detection and Security," UC-Berkeley
• "Robotic Design Studio," Wellesley
• "The Twilight of the Gods: Ragnarök and the Apocalyptic Tradition," Harvard
• "Making Media for Democracy," Hampshire
• "Total Noise: Going Deaf in the Information Age," Smith
• Theory of Comedy," Kenyon
• "Sexuality," Columbia

Source: The Daily Beast

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