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Mass. Teen Sentenced to One Year in Jail for Fatal Texting Crash

Massachusetts teen, Aaaron Deveau, was sentenced to serve one year in jail for causing a fatal crash by texting while driving.

The judge sentenced Deveau, who was 17 at the time of the crash, to concurrent sentences of 2½-years on a charge of motor vehicle homicide and 2 years for a charge of negligent operation of a motor vehicle causing serious injury while texting.

Noting Deveau’s youth and lack of criminal record, District Court Judge Stephen Abany ordered the teen to serve one year in the Essex County House of Corrections, suspending the rest of the sentences. Deveau, who has been free on bail since his arrest in 2011, was taken into custody by court officers.

Deveau, whose license was also suspended by the judge for 15 years, was prosecuted under a 2010 state law that makes it a crime to injure someone during a car crash due to texting while behind the wheel.

Judge Abany said that deterrence “really seems to come to play in this case. People really want to be safe on the highways.’’ People need to “keep their eyes on the road, keep their eyes on the road.’’

Source: Boston.com

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