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Most Parents Planning Summer Jam-Packed with Trips, Activities After 2020 Despair

*The following is excerpted from an online article posted on StudyFinds.

Sick and tired of everything having to do with COVID-19? You’re not alone. A new survey of 2,000 American parents finds families are planning to “reclaim summer 2021” and just have fun.

After the mulligan year of 2020, it’s no surprise that 62 percent of respondents add summer 2020 didn’t really count due to the pandemic. Now, 58 percent have very high expectations for summer 2021. In fact, seven in 10 parents are devising a plan to safely take back summer with their families and 68 percent say they plan to make up for lost time.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Juicy Juice, researchers find American parents are setting ambitious goals in 2021 as well. Nearly two in three (64%) want to safely plan a year’s worth of activities into their summer schedules.

An additional 64 percent agree this summer is a welcome relief to the challenges they faced over the past year – between at-home schooling and working remotely. As families plan how they’re taking back summer, 63 percent of parents also believe a second spent indoors this summer is a second wasted.

Nearly three-quarters of the poll shared that their families are depending on feel-good fun this year, like beach days or backyard festivities, to make up for the events of 2020. Some of the top planned summer activities include going to the beach, barbeques, camping trips, and pool days.

Source: StudyFinds

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