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Parents Getting Teens to Diet Doing More Harm Than Good

*The following is excerpted from an online article posted on CBS New York.

Parents who try to help their overweight teenager lose weightmay also be doing more harm than good.

A new study finds that parents putting their children on a dietcould lead to struggles with their weight as adults. The study, in the journal Pediatrics,of more than 500 teens who had been encouraged to diet, found that approach led to problems with foodlater.

“They followed teenagers who had been encouraged to diet, 15 years later and found that they were more likely to be overweight, to be dieting, binge-eating, and have lower body satisfaction,” Dr. Susan Albers from the Cleveland Clinicsaid.

Those teens were later also more likely to encourage their own children to diet. According to Dr. Albers, dieting among teens can encourage a negative relationship with food. She says it’s more beneficial to practice mindful eating – where the focus is on how you eat, rather than what you eat.

“It’s so important to give teens these skills at this juncture in their life and I talk to parents about tools, not rules,” Dr. Albers added.

Source: CBS New York

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