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Vaccinations Plummeting Over COVID-19 Fears, Two in Three Parents Afraid to Take Kids to Doctor

*The following is excerpted from an online article posted on StudyFinds.

A legitimate and safe COVID-19 vaccine is on everyone’s wish list these days. In the meantime, however, pre-existing vaccination rates across the U.S. are plummeting during the pandemic. Why is this happening? According to a recent survey, two-thirds of U.S. parents are afraid to bring their child to the pediatrician’s office due to coronavirus fears.

This significant decrease in the national vaccination rate is driving many health experts to warn that the next major health threat may end up being a preventable disease. If millions of children aren’t immunized against the flu or measles, for example, it could result in a huge outbreak of such infectious illnesses.

The survey, conducted by Orlando Health, also notes that 84% of surveyed parents still believe vaccines are the best way to protect their children from infectious diseases. So, it seems many parents want to vaccinate their children but can’t bring themselves to risk exposing their families to COVID-19 in a doctor’s office.

“It is imperative that parents keep their routine wellness visits with their child’s pediatrician,” says Dr. Alix Casler, chair of the Department of Pediatrics for Orlando Health Physician Associates, in a release. “While we are doing as many visits as possible virtually, coming in for vaccinations is important not only for protecting your child, but also to preserve herd immunity against these terrible diseases.”

Source: StudyFinds

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