Mark Daniels Christian Blog and Commentary

A Blog is Born

Hello, my friend! Welcome to the first of what I pray will be a long, mentally-healthy series of commentaries from a perspective rooted in and concerned about, not so much what's Right and Left, as what's Right and Wrong.

But the "blogosphere" is not such an unfamiliar place for me. Before there was a catchy name for the practice, for years I've been posting my daily talk show "talking points" online for the world to read, discuss, and mutter about. With this new opportunity to rant before a much larger and more discerning readership, you can be certain I'll make much more frequent use of my friends Webster and Roget!

But these twice- or thrice-weekly musings will not be a showcase for any towering intellect. I can claim no dazzling academic credential, nor do I hold a position of great worldly power or influence. I am merely an experienced sinner, saved by exceptional grace. Mine are the analyses of mind in the (slow) process of your critical feedback is both welcomed, and expected!

I realize that there are many consuming these words who can make theological and intellectual mince meat of me, and my opinions. You are free to do so, if that brings you joy. I hope, instead, that you will read with the eyes of your heart...for I will write, not from the indignance of a superior morality, but from the softened heart of one who has been forgiven much. May the Lord richly bless you and keep you this weekend.