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Mark Daniels Christian Blog and Commentary

An Immigration Solution?

In light of the heated debate about Arizona's immigration policy…here's some good news! Seems Israel has a great suggestion for how we can resolve this crisis in a fair and equitable manner. Here's the gist of the proposal: Why don't we just GIVE Arizona, Texas, and California…to Mexico!


After all…Mexicans were peacefully occupying the land before Americans came and drove them out. So the US is honor-bound to give those 3 states to Mexico, and compel all American-born citizens to move out, and STAY out! In the meantime—though Arizona, Texas, and California would be completely devoid of Americans—Mexican immigrants would be free to come and go, even LIVE in America, as they please! Oh, and another thing: America MUST cease and desist building any nuclear weapons, and open her defenses to UN scrutiny (though Mexico and Canada are free to build and stockpile whatever they choose). If her neighbors decide to build nuclear weapons, and publicly announce a plan to use those nukes to wipe Americans off the face of the Earth, Uncle Sam will just have to grit his teeth and take it. Oh…and if some terrorist group brings a flotilla filled with weapons of mass destruction into these occupied territories, destined to be delivered to al-Qaeda living there…America has no right to defend herself. If she does: expect worldwide denunciation, and demands for United Nations censure.


So...where do we sign up for THIS deal, huh?


Of course, I'm being outrageous. We all know that Americans would never stand for such a dangerous concession of our land, our sovereignty, our freedom and security! And surely Israel has never made, and would never make, such a suggestion.

Yet, that's pretty much the deal the rest of world is demanding Israel should embrace.