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An Open Letter to CBS

Did anyone else catch the CBS show, “CSI” Thursday night (5/29/08)? The show was riddled, of course, with salacious promos for the forthcoming dramatic sexfest, “Swingtown.” But that’s not the worst of it.


What is happening to this program, and the one-time “Tiffany Network?” In the past, we've suffered through Marg Helgenberg’s character Catherine launching a self-righteous attack on a creepy, uptight pro-lifer (I guess everyone who’s against abortion must be portrayed as a social pariah, right?). And now, it's a so-called "reverend" character with a child molester past, ‘cause--after all--men of the cloth are all just closeted perverts, right? It would seem there's a bit of "Christophobia" in the mix.


Perhaps in the show's twisted perspective, all dominatrix madams (like the one Grissom has been fascinated with) are wise, noble and misunderstood creatures, while all people of faith are sick, detached hypocrites. Reality, of course, proves otherwise. So why are the writers of CSI obsessed with portraying Christians and conservatives as monsters? And why do WE put up with it?


The unfair portrayal of the "reverend" character not only discriminates against religious believers, but--in my opinion--had racist overtones, as well. But I guess, where Christianity is concerned, all egregious offenses are fair game.


I wonder if you would have dared portray a homosexual character with the same sadistic worldview…the same sick personality…as last night’s murderous pastor. Certainly, you’d argue, none of the gays you know personally would ever act that way. May I suggest you probably don't personally know enough Christians well enough to stereotype their behavior, either?