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Born Again?

With abortion again in the headlines, it's time to move the discussion from mere rhetoric, to a clearer understanding of what the argument's all about. And this LA Times story serves that cause well.   Stephanie Simon's article was not meant to be scary, I'm sure. But in the process of profiling Dr. William Harrison, a Fayetteville, AK abortionist with some 32 years in "practice" and 20,000 "procedures" under his belt, Ms Simon gives the pro-life community a tool for understanding: a narrative depicting an actual abortion.


First, read the article here.


Did you catch the line about how the teenager aborting her child feels that doing otherwise would be "unfair?" Unfair to whom, I wonder. The baby? No--if that was her concern, this young mother wouldn't have allowed her child to be killed. The one who feels that the pregnancy was "unfair," is the 18-year-old herself. Her right to unprotected, promiscuous sex without consequences outweighed her parents' right to know...and even worse...her baby's right to life. Astonishingly, that opinion is shared by many in our sick and dying society. 


And Dr. Harrison? He calls his "patients"--I'm sorry, I mean his "customers"--he calls them "born again"...because, by ending their "disastrous pregnancies," he is "giving [their] lives back" to these women.


You know, following that line of reasoning...I could finally have that home office or a guest room I’ve always wanted...if I could just get rid of one of my children. Problem is…they both have a right to live…and that’s a right far more important than my convenience.