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Take Your Daughters Home Day

No, I did not bring my daughter to work today. Actually, I brought work, home to HER, yesterday. Because Jessi might just choose THAT as her “workplace” someday—raising a family, being a great wife and mother, creating a happy home for them all. And should she make that choice, I will be as proud, if not PROUDER, than if she gets a 4-year degree and enters the workforce! We need all the great “stay-at-home” moms we can get--and I resent a culture that makes full-time family work seem like a “waste of a woman’s potential.” Indeed…with all that this expensive, materialistic, sex-saturated, and hopeless world is throwing at our marriages, and at our kids…it takes a rare level of selflessness for those who have the luxury of choosing between career and home, to opt for the latter. Now, of course—for so many moms, without a husband at home—there is no choice but to enter the workforce, and God bless you for your incredible daily sacrifices. But if yours is a family with a Mom and Dad available…and your daughter is to miss school, for “Take Your Daughters to Work Day”…spending the day with her, showing her the joy and privilege of making a good home, is a day that is just as well spent.