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The Big Turnoff, Redux

My February Fast from TV and video is humming along nicely. If you’re a longtime WFIL listener , you likely know that I’ve gone with television, DVDs, and online video for as long as a month, in past years. But that kinda felt like a BOYCOTT, and that’s not my goal. The "Fast" is not just about content. What I’m going for is screentime awareness. It’s kinda like writing down everything you eat, in any given day, in order to realize just how much food passes between your lips! Every time I do it, I eat less and lose weight. Same with my “video fast.” When I do it, I feel more at rest…have time to pray, read the Bible, and exercise…and am a LOT more productive! As I see my contentment level rise, I naturally cut back on my TV and video watching AFTER the week is up! So, my question to YOU is: do you think you can do it? Can YOU actually go a WEEK…even a DAY…voluntarily turning off the TV, and videos on DVD or your computer? Can you enjoy a meal with your family without watching the tube? Can you fall asleep tonight without the TV? No Netflix, no YouTube, NOTHIN’! If you think you can, TRY IT! And let me know about your experience! Email me: If you’re doing it successfully, let me know how your spouse, or the rest of the family, reacts. What did you find the time to do, without being chained to a screen? How has your mood changed? Or…if you tried, and FAILED, let me know what took ya down! Take your life back from TV, and together, we’ll give the glory to God!