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The Village Idiots

It was another of those stories that--from the dearth of reportage--defined the clear bias of the mainstream press. As talk radio raged, the newspapers and networks seemed oblivious to the import of the latest ridiculous ruling from Califonia'sinfamous 9th circuit court.


Remember them--the brain trust that declared the Pledge of Allegiance to be "unconstitutional?"    This time, the justices' condescension was reserved for America'smoms and dads--quite obviously, the least qualified childcare providers on the planet.


When parents in Palmdale, CA learned from their elementary school-aged kids that adults in class had questioned them about sexual topics, such as the frequency of "thinking about having sex" and "thinking about touching other peoples' private parts," some of them exercised their constitutional right to take their grievance to the courts. But that's where mom and pop learned just how weak and irrelevant they've become to society.


A single sentence from the 3-judge panel's opinion says it all:  


"...there is no fundamental right of parents to be the exclusive provider of information regarding sexual matters to their children, either independent of their right to direct the upbringing and education of their children or encompassed by it."


Parents have no fundamental right to be the exclusive provider of information about sex to their children? Who then gets to share in that intimate instruction--the courts? The teachers' union? And who decides? I suppose this is a classic example of the "village" Hillary Clinton believes it takes to raise our children.


We must be careful to avoid moving there in 2008.