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Any Excited LOST Fans Out There?

Crosswalk may be "The Intersection of Faith and Life," and we do review things like movies, books, music, and more. But it still wasn't enough for the pop culture junkies on our staff.

That's one reason why we recently created, our look at popular culture through a Christian lens.

One of the things this has meant for me is the chance to blog about my favorite show in the history of television, LOST, which returns February 2 for it's six and final season.

I'm spending January looking back at all the episodes from the very beginning - September 22, 2004, when Oceanic 815 crashed on a mysterious island.

It's a fun, rewarding, but exhausting task because of ALL the meat. There is hardly a wasted line of dialogue (or pixel of screen space) in that show. I got a lot out of it the first time around, but boy, now?

Rather than convincing you to start watching or to go rent all the DVDs, can I instead convince you to pop on over to my blog, LOST in Translation, and follow along? I do all the watching and interpreting for you, and then break it down into themes, how it relates to Christianity, clever lines, mysteries, and my theory of how it is all going to end up being some big game.

Join the discussion at any time. You can read along, submit feedback, yell at me for things I missed, etc. You can always pick up with the latest discussion here.

I'll be interspersing the recaps with reports on spoilers, news, and cool stuff as well. And once the season starts, we'll really get rollling with show recaps and theories galore.

I'm very sad this show is coming to an end by June. But we're going to go out in a big way.