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Tom Brady: God Doesn't Value QB Skills

  • Shawn McEvoy

    Shawn McEvoy is the Director of Editorial for Salem Web Network, he is also the co-host of &'s Video Movie Reviews.

  • Updated Aug 07, 2008

A story in the Boston Herald yesterday reads, "Tom Brady says God Doesn't Value Him as a Quarterback." And I'm genuinely thrilled at the suggestion.

Don't get me wrong - I'm all for it when athletes, or anyone in a successful moment for that matter, gives God the glory. And I think the act of doing so is often misunderstood by the public as a way of saying, "See? God wanted us to win this game, and not the other team." Not only is it not true, I really don't think that most of the time the individual is saying that at all. Simply trying to reflect the spotlight onto One he or she acknowledges as greater.

That said, I love this quote from Brady that he gave in an interview with Esquire magazine: "Look at the attention I get: It’s because I throw a football. But that’s what society values. That’s not what God values. He didn’t invent the game. We did. I have some eye-hand coordination, and I can throw the ball. I don’t think that matters to God."

Amen, brotha.

But before we all get too excited, here's the other shoe... [drop]...

Brady, we already knew, hasn't exactly lived a model life (pardon the pun), living la vida loca with actresses and supermodels, and fathering a son out of wedlock. I judge him not, only recognize that such are not the values of the typical Christian role model (not that I expect he has to be one). So at least it's good to see he appears to be searching for more meaning. Perhaps unfortunately, he appears to have found it in a book called "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz, a "shamanic teacher and healer" of Toltec cosmography. Hmmm... well...

I still love the quote.