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250,000 Coaches, Student-Athletes Meet across the Country to Pray, Read the Bible

  • Amanda Casanova

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  • 2019 Nov 01

Some 250,000 coaches, student-athletes and others are expected to gather together at football fields across the country for “Fields of Faith.”

“Fields of Faith” is a program from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and invites students from both public and private schools to meet together to pray, testify and read the Bible.

In Virginia, FCA director Derrick Ellison said 16 schools came together for the event, CBN News reports.

"We've got 16 schools represented – public high schools – and they're all coming together tonight to celebrate what God's doing on their campuses," he said.

"So kids from all over the county can come together and see what God's doing, see there are other students just like them…that's the whole purpose of it."

Washington Redskins football player Chase Roullier also spoke at the event in Virginia, telling students how important his faith is to him.

"Going out and partying and chasing things you shouldn't be, you're going to be very lonely," he said. "But if you have a relationship with God, you're going to be very full. Your heart's going to be full of Him."

Youth pastor Lee Banton said the event gives students a chance to see how God is moving in their lives.

"There are a lot of people who say they think they have it figured out, but they're still searching," he said. "But those who have found Christ, they're like 'I'm not searching anymore. 'I've found the truth. I've found the way to live. It's found in His Word and it's found in Him and it's the Holy Spirit that's leading and guiding my life.'"

A Potomac Falls High School cross country runner Christina Gay also spoke to the crowd in Virginia, sharing her own personal testimonies of her faith.

"Running is just a way for me to worship the Lord. And I use it as an act of worship and I use it to pray and just be at peace."

Photo courtesy: Getty Images/B-C-Designs