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FamilyLife and RDM on Infertility, Adoption, Orphan Care

Last week, I had the joy of joining Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine on FamilyLife Today to talk about infertility, adoption, orphan care, our story, and Adopted for Life.

The program has sparked a lot of conversation and not a little controversy, particularly about my views on in vitro fertilization (cue the tune to the Johnny Cash version of "I Won't Back Down" here). More than that though, I've heard from hurting infertile couples, waiting adopting families, and previously adopted children all over the country.

Here's the audio for the programs. As you listen to them, be sure to thank God for Rainey, Lepine, and FamilyLife. There's just no other organization out there like this, doing the good things they're doing.

Grappling with Infertility (Day 1 of 3). This is a conversation about our grappling with infertility, what to do if you're infertile, and how churches can minister to hurting people who want babies and can't have them. I talk bluntly here with Dennis and Bob about how infertility can be a spiritually dangerous time.

Embracing Adoption (Day 2 of 3). This is a conversation about how to start thinking about whether God would call you to adopt, and how to get started, if so. It also helps friends and extended family members think about how they can empower adoption and orphan care.

Welcome to the Family (Day 3 of 3). This is a conversation about how we ought to think about moving beyond adoption into "normal" life in the family, including the family of the church.