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One Tool for Sermon Critique

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  • Updated Nov 03, 2009

Since my previous post on young preachers, some have asked what kind of resources are available for critiquing someone's preaching. The best critiques are just informal, "Hey, here's what I think" kind of dialogue with more mature, more experienced men.

Some of those kinds of folk, though, have asked what kind of form we use here. In my Christian Preaching class at Southern Seminary, we use a Preaching Review Form for the students in the room to evaluate their fellow preachers.

The form is designed for three purposes:


  1. To assess the preacher and the sermon on several key issues
  2. To provide specific thoughts on strengths and weaknesses of the preaching event
  3. To leave the preacher with tangible feedback that can later be reflected on after they preach

Preaching review forms can end up being as self-determining as a pre-fab spiritual gifts inventory, unless there are people in your life who love you enough that they are willing to be frank, and unless you are humble enough to receive correction.

But I have found that a preaching review form like this one can be helpful. I appreciate the great sermon review form that Sojourn Community Church in Louisville uses, and we integrated some of what they do into this one.

Preaching is expositional exorcism. If the young preacher wants to sharpen his sword for this spiritual battle, using a preaching review form might help.