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A Class Act

For several reasons, you won't often see me write about partisan political issues on Crosswalk. Yet I must say it was disgusting to see how some Democrats tried to turn the funeral of Coretta Scott King into a political circus and an attack on a sitting President... who was actually sitting on the the stage behind them.

Matt Towery writes about it eloquently on

Former President Jimmy Carter went beyond the pale of presidential civility with his thinly veiled swipe at President Bush, in which he mentioned that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife Coretta had been "violated" by "government wiretapping and government surveillance..."


Even more disturbing was the decision by the Rev. Joseph Lowery, a longtime civil rights hero if there ever was one, to declare in his Coretta Scott King eulogy, "We know now there were no weapons of mass destruction," before somehow segueing in mid-sentence from this obvious political attack into more praise for Mrs. King.

Not to mention Bill Clinton's implied endorsement of his wife Hillary's anticipated campaign for President. It was all quite disturbing, President Bush and his father were the epitome of grace under fire. Says Towery:

Following Lowery's comments, George HW Bush helped dispel the tension by jokingly saying that his friend Joe Lowery almost always won the war of words when the two men had discussions during Lowery's visits to the White House.


What an absolute class act. Only someone with the true human warmth and dignity of President Bush's father could have reacted to such political savagery in such a disarming manner.

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