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Three Reasons To Disciple Men

  • 2004 29 Jan
Three Reasons To Disciple Men

1. The Numbers: There are 98,000,000 men in America 18 years of age and older. Regrettably, 90,000,000 of these men-11 out of 12-are not involved in any kind of ongoing discipleship.

Picture 11 golfers showing up on the first tee. They never practice. They never take a lesson. They never read a book. They never hit balls on the driving range. The results are predictable.

2. The Impact of Training: A golfer who doesn't receive training on how to swing a club will nonetheless develop a habit of swinging and certain beliefs about why to do so in a particular way, however well founded or not.

Likewise, a convert who doesn't receive training on how to be a disciple will nonetheless develop spiritual habits and certain beliefs about why, however well founded or not. And as we all know, it is much more difficult to unlearn a bad habit than to learn it right the first time.

3. Our Children: Forget the nation for a moment. Think only of your own community and family. If we don't find the will to disciple more men, what will become of their children? And then, who will our sons and daughters marry? And who will our grandsons and granddaughters marry?

Few things you and I do during our lifetimes will have more impact than spending the time to disciple and mentor a man. It can change the direction of his entire family lineage for generations to come. And why shouldn't we? After all, their sons are going to marry our daughters..

I suppose the real reason to make disciples, though, is simply because Jesus told us to.


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